If Only Someone Had Told Him He Looked Pretty

by matttbastard

No surprise here – Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich both blame teh evul lib’ruls for the VA Tech massacre. Small wonder, since both right-wing icons have made respectable careers out of reflexively blaming liberals for pretty much everything since the Fall. But no, the truth is it’s all the feminists’ fault.

According to Sarah Baxter of the Murdoch Times, an emasculated American culture has bred a generation of psychopathic misfits not pretty enough to be Breck Girls. For those who don’t like to click links (for shame!), Baxter’s article heavily relies on the soundbite wisdom of Camille Paglia (and noted sociologist Francis Fukuyama [?!]) to conclude that the ‘heavily manicured’ world of VA Tech is emblematic of an overly ‘feminized’, politically correct society that fails to recognize, as Paglia puts it, “the mix of male sexual aggression with egotism and the ecstasy of self-immolation”*:

Paglia believes the school Cho attended would have been no better equipped to deal with frustrated young males. “There is nothing happening educationally in these boring prisons that are fondly called suburban high schools. They are saturated with a false humanitarianism, which is especially damaging for boys.

“Young men have enormous energy. There was a time when they could run away, hop on a freighter, go to a factory and earn money, do something with their hands. Now there is this snobbery of the upper-middle-class professional. Everyone has to be a lawyer or paper pusher.”

Cho is a classic example of “someone who felt he was a loser in the cruel social rat race”, Paglia says. The pervasive hook-up culture at college, where girls are prepared to sleep with boys they barely know or fancy, can be a source of seething resentment and alienation for those who are left out.

“Young women now seem to want to behave like men and have sex without commitment. The signals they are giving are very confusing, and rage and humiliation build up in boys who are spurned again and again.”

The sex, Paglia argues, “is everywhere but it is not erotic”, as can be seen by the sad spectacle of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears flashing their lack of underwear during a night on the town. “It’s not even titillating. It’s banal and debasing.”

Perhaps Paglia is right – I mean, if any one is acquainted with banal debasement and egotism run amok it’s her. Maybe if Cho had done less sissy writin’ and more manly wood-choppin’ he wouldn’t have been so violently frustrated by sexually (passive) aggressive co-ed succubi cruelly emulating the knicker-free exploits of Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan (without allowing Cho to join in on the GGW-esque festivities – cockteases!) So put down that pen and pick up an axe, Junior – lest ye become feminism’s next martyr.

PS: Have yet to confirm how much Cho paid for his haircut.

Update: Brad @ Sadly, No! provides the ‘duh!’ response:

Cho’s actions were not the symbolic deeds of a young man being forced to live under the tyranny of a “feminized” culture. They were the actions of one highly disturbed individual who didn’t get the psychiatric treatment he needed, who managed to get his hands on a pair of semi-automatic weapons, and who then went out and killed people. That’s it. There is no Greater Lesson to be learned from the whole horrible incident. Stop trying to project your own feelings about gender politics onto this tragedy.

*Does Paglia keep a Rolodex full of this tripe handy for quick reference during interviews? Kee-hrist.

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