Late Night Logic: ‘Holes in the psyche’

  • More birth pangs: The political response to last week’s bombing in the Green Zone has “revealed an increasingly disoriented and dysfunctional Iraqi government“, says the Christian Science Monitor.                         related: Is the two-thirds majority rule in Iraq’s parliament fueling sectarian division? Felix P. Sanchez explains the case for ‘simple majority rule‘.
  • ‘It’s gender, stupid!’ Contra Tony Blair (who, believe it or not, was once a socialist), the cult of masculinity bears primary responsibility for the rise of gun culture in the UK, not the ‘black community’, as Beatrix Campbell explains.
  • Via Pogge: Dave at The Galloping Beaver on his experiences in combat and, subsequently, with PTSD: “There is no glory. There is only a lifelong regret and a wish that things had been different.” One of the best posts I’ve read this year.

bonus vid:

Scala and Kolacny Brothers, “With or Without You”