Quote of the Day: Punk is Deader Than Jesus Edition

by matttbastard

You’ll go by the phone kiosk and you’ll hear young men having these very strange, almost surreal arguments or discussions with their wives over something like, “Hey the garage is leaking, how do we fix that?” And what she maybe doesn’t understand is, maybe that guy just got ambushed, like half an hour ago, and he’s shaking from the adrenaline, and he’s just calling her just to hear a familiar voice, and she’s like, “We gotta get the sprinklers fixed.” And he’s like, “Oh, OK … . I love you.” He just wants to get back to the ground. And that’s what makes me angry, is what all of this is doing to these very young families. It just makes me mad. It makes anybody mad. So whenever I hear some of these people who say, “Oh, you all don’t have the stomach for war,” or whatever, it’s like, you know, if you’re sane and civilized, I don’t think any person in their right mind has the stomach for this crap. To have a stomach for it–Stalin probably had a stomach for it.

Ok, sure it’s only Henry “I-sold-out-before-selling-out-was-cool” Rollins, but still – TNR?! Is this part of Franklin Foer’s desperate campaign to revamp the staid, overly starched image of a magazine better known for giving a platform to faux-mavericks and DINOs? Perhaps he’s trying to tap into the Spackerman demographic of aging hardcore kids who’ve infiltrated the Beltway media in recent years.

Yep, nothing says “edgy” and “contemporary” like an interview with an over the hill publicity fiend who looks like a tattooed Reed Richards on ‘roids; Vice ain’t got nothin’ on Frankie and Co.

Bonus vid: Black Flag, back in the good old days when Hank still had a neck.

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