Late Night Logic: Dualism, Contradiction, Torments of Hesitation

by matttbastard

blog!blog!blog! edition

  • Post-Cold War Ur-Fascism? Larisa Alexdandrovna examines the burgeoning extreme far right in Russia (and the US).
  • At least she didn’t say the other ‘F’ word: Glenn Greenwald incisively highlights the gross hypocrisy of professional media handwringers like Howard Kurtz, noting minimal MSM outrage at the recent CPAC convention appearance by She-who-shall-not-be-named. Via Digby.
  • Steve V believes that recent comments by Gerard Kennedy questioning Liberal leader Stephan Dion’s strategic focus on Question Period (rather than Kennedy’s preferred strategy of engaging in low profile, long term base-building consultation with the party grass roots) display “a defeatist short term flavour.” related: The CPoC fiddles, the MSM marches in turn.

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