Don’t Blame Marty – Blame the ‘Retarded Technologies’

by matttbastard

Now that The New Republic has been purchased by the crazy Canooks at CanWest, it’s all socialism and ‘legalize it’ from now on at the liberal interventionist Beltway institution, right? Bespectacled soccer-loving editor Franklin Foer for one appears eager to resurrect the diminishing lefty bona fides of the once-essential-now-irrelevant political mag:

“We’ve become more liberal,” Foer said, pointing out that he used his first issue to embrace universal health care and “retract” a famous 1994 piece that helped bring down Bill Clinton’s 1994 heath care reform plan.

“We’ve been encouraging Democrats to dream big again on the environment and economics,” he said.

Under Foer, the magazine has also cut its remaining editorial support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The magazine’s editorial voice supported the invasion at the time, though some writers dissented, and in the summer of 2004, the New Republic published a famous cover package of essays under the heading “Were We Wrong?”

You hear that, former subscribers? It’s safe to come back now – third-way neocon Bush-licking and “retarded technologies” are, like, so 2001. Web 2.0 in tha hizzouse! No blood for oil! DEAN IN ’04!!11

Well, ok, so Marty Peretz is maintaining 25% ownership of the publication, in addition to his oh-so-precious vanity title of ‘editor-in-chief’. Plus, he’s really starting to dig the whole ‘blogging’ thing, despite the damn dirty hippies and their uncouth demeanor. However, stupidity as distinctive as Peretz’s does transcend ideology, thus fitting Foer’s glossy bi-weekly vision.

Oh, and even though new majority purse-holder Leonard Asper shares Marty’s blind spot re: Israel, we shouldn’t expect the same ol’ anti-Muslim propaganda from TNR. No, we can now look forward to rigourous, hard-hitting products of full-time journalism, like Amir Teheri’s ‘Iran-is-the-new-Fatherland’ story that briefly surfaced last summer (courtesy CanWest’s flagship daily, the National Post).

Sure, Foer’s ‘New Yorker of politics’ line makes for a tasty soundbite. But before getting too comfortable with his all-new liberal(ish) mandate, Frankie should first pass along for approval all grand ideas to the new masters in Winnipeg. Just ask former Ottawa Citizen editor Russ Mills.

The New New Republic? I’m still exhaling.

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