Late Night Logic: Poking the Bear

by matttbastard

Inspired (in a somewhat sideways manner) by this this ObWi post on revisionist cold war history.

  • The beginning of a new arms race? Spiegel International examines the increasingly chilly diplomatic relationship between Russia and the US.
    related: Moscow threatens Poland and the Czech Republic over US missile defense
  • Orange Revolution icon Yulia Tymoshenko says the way Russia wields strategic influence in the Middle East (including its relationship with Iran) poses a threat to long term national interests.
    related: With nuclear fuel shipments to Iran scheduled to begin in March, Russia gets cold feet, citing failed payments as the reason behind the apparent (temporary?) delay.
  • Putin gives Chechen presidency to a thuggish militia leader with a penchant for human rights violations. related: In Russia, democracy doesn’t exactly march; at best, it ‘accidently’ trips and breaks its neck.