Late Night Logic: The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of*

by matttbastard

Because I’m too lazy to come up with original work:

  • Arab Iraqis in Kirkuk face government expulsion as sectarian strife threatens to migrate north; according to ISN Security Watch, an estimated 150,000 Arabs, mostly Shia, have fled the largely-Kurdish region since 2003, with some reporting threats of violence and abduction. Since 2006, nearly 350 have been people killed (almost of a third of which in death-squad style executions) and 1500 injured in Kirkuk.
  • Stephen Duncombe thinks ‘reality’ is highly overrated by the progressive left in the US.

*with apologies to Thomas M. Disch

The Clock Stops at Midnight

by matttbastard

Newsflash: The creative team behind hit TV series 24 are sadistic pigfuckers who hobnob with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. And, as intimated by the chronically incoherent Laura Ingraham, American viewers eat up the pornographic exploits of Bauer and co. with sick relish. While discussing the overwhelming success of the show, Path to 9/11 screenwriter Cyrus Nowresteh (a close friend of 24 creator and self-described ‘right wing nut job’ Joel Surnow) had this to say:

“Every American wishes we had someone out there quietly taking care of business…It’s a deep, dark ugly world out there. Maybe this is what Ollie North was trying to do. It would be nice to have a secret government that can get the answers and take care of business—even kill people. Jack Bauer fulfills that fantasy.”

Lefty Canuck actor Kiefer Sutherland can wring his hands all he likes; I doubt he even sheds crocodile tears when cashing the $10 million annual paycheques. Tommy Douglas must be spinning like a centrifuge at his grandson’s useful idiocy.

Via Memeorandum.