Sunday Whiny Wanker Roundup

by matttbastard

So much Serious stupidity this weekend:

  • via ConnecticutBLOG: Joe Lieberman gets his ass handed to him on a plate by Chuck Hagel:
  • Dipshit liberal hawk Jon Chait (who, not that long ago, earnestly mused about reinstalling Saddam Hussein to power in Iraq) fears the dirty hippies. So TNR it fucking hurts. (Please, do yourself a favour and read the scathing Radar Online article that has Chait’s sensible granny panties in a twist.)
  • Shorter Michael O’Hanlon: “This surge is likely to fail miserably. That’s why it’s imperative we fully support it.” As Mark Kleiman says, “this crap doesn’t even pass the sniff test”.
  • Some especially Serious thinking about the surge from historian Jeffrey Herf. Congressional Democrats, heed these words: opposing Bush could lead to future electoral defeat, much as it did this past November. via Matt Yglesias
  • Finally, Andrew Sullivan thinks a US withdrawal from Iraq could actually turn geopolitical lemons into half-full ideological lemonade. To paraphrase: “Like, if Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq are busy killing each other in a bloody sectarian civil war, they’ll totally forget about who initially provoked them. And, if we’re really lucky, the conflict will expand throughout the region.” Brilliant! So thoughtful and–wait for it–Serious! Truly a worthy Wanker of the Day recipient. (For a less, er, repulsive assessment of the limited options available to the US, read this editorial by Middle East Report Online.)

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