Well, paint me crimson and call me ‘Joseph’

by matttbastard

Shorter Gateway Pundit: “The evil mass-murdering Saddam Hussein was hung today and the American left mourns… Their America-hating sickness has never been more glaring.“*

Wait – that’s a direct quote.

Larisa Alexandrovna with the smackdown (via Crooks & Liars):

Those opposed to the execution are not mourning the death of Saddam. What they are mourning is the loss of our own national conscience. Some are, as I have pointed out, not happy with the farce of a trial in a country to which we are attempting to (so they say) export democracy. Some are not comfortable because of the timing, which just happens to be during a holy time in Muslim religion. Not that you would know this as xenophobes are busy only with flag waving and gay bashing.

To call me, the Vatican, human rights organizations, Christian, Jewish, Islamic leaders, the EU, most Americans, and basically the entire planet “an enemy” takes a lot of nerve for someone who is nothing but a racist with a blog. I mean really, what have you actually done in your pathetic little life that would allow you to believe for a moment that you have any right to call anyone an enemy?

Pathetic does not begin to account for something as filthy as a wannabe patriot strung out on liquid hate. But lucky for the rest of us, the sane and rational, you are still a minority in this country, thankfully pushed back into the darkness of your KKK meetings.

I’m just happy that GP (along with The Artist Formerly Known As Tacitus and numerous others) is focused on what’s most important in the wake of Saddam Hussein’s execution: ham-fisted partisan flamethrowing.

update – A fellow Z-lister weighs in:

How long have I been saying it? (See Saddam Is Dead) How many times have both left and right scolded me (and others) for pointing out that liberalism, at least the style currently in vogue, is incompatible with Americanism. Liberalism is mental illness evidenced by worship of evil and hatred of good. Liberalism is Satanism.

GP is right: the left is the enemy. It is not just an alternative political order. Western republican-democratic government cannot coexist with liberalism. It is our bounden duty to put away the left.

If I were The Left™ I’d be watching my devil-worshipping ass.

*I suppose Bronwen Maddox of The (Rupert Murdoch) Times is also overcome with The Sickness.

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