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RIP Jack Layton: His Death Is Only The Beginning

by matttbastard In the end, we should have known it was fanciful, even selfish, to expect Jack Layton to make it back to Parliament in the Fall. The man who, weeks ago, stood before a stunned nation to announce he was … Continue reading

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RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

by matttbastard The last two childhood icons who died in close proximity to each other were Johnny Cash and John Ritter, nearly 6 years past (yes, it really has been that long since the Man in Black went to meet … Continue reading

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RIP Lux Interior 1948-2009

by matttbastard Fuck: “It’s a little bit like asking a junkie how he’s been able to keep on dope all these years,” Interior told The Times some years ago. “It’s just so much fun. You pull in to one town … Continue reading

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Jesse Helms Departs This Mortal Coil (Finally)

by matttbastard (click the image for a restrained-but-unsentimental obit from ThinkProgress) Hey, sing ‘Dixie’ to Strom Thurmond for me once you finally get down there, you racist, homophobic assbag. Oh, and Happy 4th of July (indeed). Recommend this post at … Continue reading

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