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…and Michael Moore is FAT!

Terry Glavin, last True Leftist™ in Canada, finds the late, lamented Kyoto treaty (and environmentalism in general) wanting — and apparently it’s all Al Gore’s fault. No, really: Kyoto could have been an instrument to force technological innovation in the world’s … Continue reading

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‘A Place of Jarring Juxtapositions’

by matttbastard Toronto Star national security reporter Michelle Shephard, who, over the course of her career, has visited the detention facility at sunny Guantanamo Bay, Cuba fifteen times, gives an essential summation today of what she calls “a place of … Continue reading

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The Damage Done

by matttbastard Apparently The Dark Side was only the iceberg’s tip: “President Obama’s plans to expeditiously determine the fates of about 245 terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and quickly close the military prison there were set back last … Continue reading

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Beltway Inertia and the Rule of Law

by matttbastard In a must-read post today, Glenn Greenwald challenges Ruth Marcus and the establishment Washington consensus, in which the pursuit of war crimes charges against soon-to-be-former Bush officials is arbitrarily dismissed as either too polarizing, too partisan, or just … Continue reading

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“An Act of Criminal International Misogyny”

by matttbastard Via Feminist Peace Network, The Nation recently published a blistering speech from former UN AIDS envoy (and current co-director of AIDS-Free World) Stephen Lewis that highlights the lackluster, indifferent international response to endemic rape and sexual violence against … Continue reading

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‘Top Down Quality Control’

by matttbastard From the ACLU: Mehboob Ahmad is a 35-year-old citizen of Afghanistan. Ahmad was detained by U.S. military for approximately five months from June to November 2003. He was held at various locations in Afghanistan, including the Gardez firebase … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper Party Secretly Halts Detainee Transfers

by matttbastard Well, how ’bout that–mattt speaks, Harper listens. Retroactively. Without mentioning the fact that transfers actually had ceased several months ago (and after having cast despicable aspirations on those who noted that torture was taking place on Canada’s watch). … Continue reading

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