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Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau: Accountability for Thee, Not For Me UPDATE: Senator Brazeau in Jail, Removed From Tory Caucus

Update: Holy shit: Senator Patrick Brazeau is in jail following an alleged domestic assault, sources tell CBC News, and has been removed from the Conservative Party’s caucus. Brazeau, who has weathered several controversies since his appointment in 2009, will continue … Continue reading

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Kyle Payne: Douchebasket

by mattttbastard Re: the unwelcome return of Kyle Payne, pseudofeminist sex predator (y’all remember Kyle Payne, right?  Mr. Sensitive Male Sex Predator? Yes, that Kyle Payne), what Ren said: You need to stop talking about sexism, violence against women, and … Continue reading

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Dear Kyle Payne: Fuck. You.

by matttbastard More on this tomorrow (maybe). I’m still getting over the WTF effect. And, yeah, that infinite tape loop of shitfuckgoddammitfuckingwhatthefuckyoufuckingasswipefuckheadedfuck? Still going. So, for now, what Cara said (h/t Caroline). Oh, and In what is I’m sure totally … Continue reading

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Re: Kyle Payne – What the Shit?!

by matttbastard I can’t really wrap my head around uber-hypocritical faux-feminist Kyle Payne. Over the past 24+ hours I’ve been vacillating between rank disgust, random profanity, and coming to terms with the fact that way too many people these days … Continue reading

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The Rules: John Hagee on an Anti-Semitic Remix Tip

by matttbastard The NY Times: The Rev. John C. Hagee, whose anti-Catholic remarks created a controversy when Senator John McCain received his endorsement for the Republican presidential nomination with fanfare, has issued a letter expressing regret for “any comments that … Continue reading

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