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Down and Out in Harperconia

Sweet tit-humping Christ I’m tired. Tired of the chronic lack of accountability in Ottawa. Of a parliamentary press corps that been for far too long too prissy and timid to rightly ferret and call out endless examples Conservative corruption with … Continue reading

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Something In The Water

BCL on the chutzpah of Jonathan Kay, junk science enabler debunker: [T]here’s a real lack of self-awareness here.  Jonathon [sic], after all,  is comment pages editor at the National Post, and under his watch it has for years entertained  junk science … Continue reading

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These Are Not Your Father’s Tories. Seriously.

“I worked for (Mulroney-era environment minister) Tom McMillan, who was a very red Tory. I wrote speeches for him. We never checked his speeches with the PMO. He’d get up to answer in Question Period. He didn’t have a script … Continue reading

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On That Zombie Suzuki Resignation Story

The Globe: Canada’s most famous environmentalist, David Suzuki, says he left the board of his charitable foundation to avoid being a lightning rod for criticism and government attacks that would undermine its work. Still, Peter Robinson, who is the head … Continue reading

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…and Michael Moore is FAT!

Terry Glavin, last True Leftist™ in Canada, finds the late, lamented Kyoto treaty (and environmentalism in general) wanting — and apparently it’s all Al Gore’s fault. No, really: Kyoto could have been an instrument to force technological innovation in the world’s … Continue reading

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Texas Undermines Its Favourite Son RE: Carbon Cuts

by matttbastard Related: Al Jazeera English – “The White House has systematically manipulated climate science for years to play down the dangers of global warming, a US congressional report says.” Full text of the report available in PDF format here; … Continue reading

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Al Gore’s Speech At The Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony

by matttbastard Petulant Rumblings has the footage and the transcript. Related: Will he or won’t he? According to CNN Political Ticker, Gore “told CNN’s Jonathan Mann that he didn’t expect to ever get back in the political process, but that … Continue reading

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More Bali Bullsh!t

by matttbastard As if this should be even slightly surprising: After banishing environmentalists and opposition MPs from Canada’s delegation to the Bali climate conference, Ottawa has decided to allow an oil company and several business executives to join the official … Continue reading

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PSA: Sign The Petition

by matttbastard Via ACR: Pass it on. If there’s enough signatures, we can mail the petition to the media of the other Commonwealth countries, and the Canadian media as well. To all the people in the Commonwealth, RE: The Commonwealth … Continue reading

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