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The Return of ‘Lawful Access’

by matttbastard Well, isn’t this lovely: The Conservative government is preparing sweeping new eavesdropping legislation that will force Internet service providers to let police tap exchanges on their systems – but will likely reignite fear that Big Brother will be … Continue reading

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A Special Note re: the Associated Press

This is Jennifer Palmieri, acting CEO of the Center for American Progess [sic] Action Fund. Most readers know that the views expressed on matttbastard’s blog are his own and don’t always reflect the views of the Center for American Progress … Continue reading

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A (Slightly) Less Glib Swipe at The Nascent Opus Dei Wing of the Conservative Party

by matttbastard Rob Boston of Church & State Magazine: Long the scourge of progressive Catholics, Opus Dei, with an estimated 80,000 members worldwide, has enjoyed a close relationship with the church’s conservative hierarchy, serving, as one writer put it in … Continue reading

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Pakistan Update: Of Gunfire, Grassy Knolls and Bumped Heads

by matttbastard The word of the day is ‘conspiracy’. As in ‘conspiracy theories‘. Consider the waters thoroughly muddied: An elusive Taliban leader with links to Al Qaeda is emerging as the key suspect in Thursday’s assassination of Benazir Bhutto, killed … Continue reading

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I-35: NAFTA Highway Cures Teh Ghey!!11

by matttbastard “Purity sieges,” Charismatic strip club raids and (now-former) “homosexuals” tripping on holy spirit acid (“FIRE!!!”). A-list material, that. Who needs The Daily Show when one still has The (always stranger than socialist fiction) 700 Club? More from Right … Continue reading

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A Sharp Reversal

by matttbastard My, how things can change in 2 years (to say nothing of one month — nice try, Deadeye). With the most recent US National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) now saying that Iran is not actively seeking a nuclear weapons … Continue reading

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Slacker Friday: “Islamophobia Promotion Week”; Breast Cancer Is Sexier (And More Marketable) Than Domestic Violence UPDATED 10.27

by matttbastard Earlier this year, the upstanding, freedom-loving folks at FrontPage magazine and the Terrorism Awareness Project proudly announced that, from Oct 22-28th, that ever-so-lovable wing-nutty Islamophobe modern-day Cassandra, David Horowitz, would valiantly and courageously shine the spotlight on the … Continue reading

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“And Cows Disagree With Me”

by matttbastard Yeah, Bill Maher is a misogynistic asshat, but just this once he’s pure muthafuckin’ WIN! Flashback: Matt Taibbi also = WIN! (h/t unrepentant old hippie) Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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