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On Strike? Nope. I’m back.

@fernhilldammit @DrDawg @Heading_West @Prog_Blog You’re supposedly adults too. Witch hunts against fellow progbloggers is so 2006. — Saskboy K. (@saskboy) April 6, 2012 Some things (and some douche-sombreros) never change. Y’know what else is “so 2006″? Blog aggregators. Cough.* But … Continue reading

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On ‘Civility’ (With Apologies to Lenny Bruce)

by matttbastard Civility is a public discourse between [white] men, allowable because they have the time and personal resources to engage in it. – Q Grrl Obviously it’s not my place to critique the comment policies put in place by … Continue reading

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Bill C-484 Challenge

by matttbastard Fern Hill (seconded by JJ) throws down the gauntlet: You supporters of Bill C-484, ‘An Act to Amend to Amend the Criminal Code (injuring or causing the death of an unborn child while committing an offense)’, insist that … Continue reading

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Pwnage of the Day: “What is this, your farewell speech?”

by matttbastard Chet Scoville shreds recovering “brain dead liberal” David Mamet (who is now a proud brain dead conservative). A sample: What Mamet observes in this piece — imperfect people muddle along as usual — is pretty much what the … Continue reading

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Contextural Margins

by matttbastard Well, bastard.logic–and *ahem* yours truly–have made it to the finals of the Canadian F-Word Blog Awards (final round voting takes place February 22-23–w00t!) Fellow nominee Pomegranate Queen did not make it past the first round (too bad, as … Continue reading

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To Whom It May Concern

by matttbastard Dear Concerned Netizens: Kindly sit on it and rotate. Love, The Blogosphere (c/o Mr. Civil) Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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PSA: Free Omar Khadr

by matttbastard Canada: Intervene on Behalf ofCanadian Citizen at Guantanamo: (New York, February 1, 2008) – Canada should formally request that the United States transfer a Canadian citizen at Guantanamo, who was arrested when he was 15, to a court … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Birth Pangs!

by matttbastard Here’s to 365 more days of pregnancy regulation–everybody D.A.N.C.E.! Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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PSA: (To Paraphrase Frank Zappa) Does Humour Belong in Abortion?

by matttbastard Judging by the relentlessly ridiculous tactics that have been utilized by the baby lobby over the years, I’d say MORE reductio ad absurdum from freedom luvvin’ fetus eaters is warranted. Help celebrate 1 year of modest pregnancy regulation … Continue reading

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Empty Set

by matttbastard On the road till Sunday night; expect sporadic/minimal blogging. Until then, enjoy the choonz and check out Birth Pangs up-to-the-minute coverage of yesterday’s terrorist threat against Henry Morgentaler. Yeah, what’s a 20th anniversary celebration without the requisite retro … Continue reading

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