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RIP MCA aka Adam Yauch (and RIP the Beastie Boys)

Mark Richardson: The Beastie Boys turned curiosity into a form of art. They wanted to know more about what was around them and learn everything they could about what wasn’t. Forget about Kurt Cobain for a second: For kids like … Continue reading

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Northlanders Book One: ‘Vikings Fucking Shit Up’ = WIN

by matttbastard On the recommendation of my partner-in-crime, Sarah Jaffe (who, when not shaking the political power structure by the lapels, is writing up a storm about comics over at Newsarama) I recently picked up the TBP of Northlanders Book … Continue reading

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Trying Not To Freak Out

by matttbastard Is this what they call ‘baffling them with bullshit?’ Cos, brother, consider me baffled: In a recent paper I [Steven D. Levitt] co-authored with Roland Fryer, Lisa Kahn, and Jorg Spenkuch, we look at data to try to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: With Eyes Wide Open

by matttbastard I know that we use media to anaesthetize our selves from the daily strain of this mortal coil however, a release should not be achieved by watching or listening to someone else be degraded.  The media is not … Continue reading

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Invisibility and the ‘Double Burden’

by matttbastard (image originally uploaded by My Hobo Soul, posted under a Creative Commons License) Attorney Sophia A. Nelson on Michelle Obama and being an accomplished black woman in contemporary American society: Sad to say, but what [Michelle] Obama has … Continue reading

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The Representation of White Perfection

by matttbastard Professor, What If has embarked on a series of posts exploring how a consumption-obsessed culture in the US has continued to perpetuate the all-encompassing notion “that whiteness (in food, bodies, clothing, etc) is ideal”: What if we woke … Continue reading

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I Write Letters

Dear Ruth, 2002 called; it wants its favourite strawfeminist meme back. Love, mattt-fucking-bastard Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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I Wanna Be Trash

by matttbastard Mancunian dance commanders shatter the Sasha Frere-Jones Score into a thousand tiny shards of pretentious Upper West Side stupidity. I dare you to keep your booty in a static position. Double-doggy stylez, y0. Bonus: Official promo vid: … Continue reading

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Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em

by matttbastard What One Drop said. (Yeah, so my ass is old, too–Soulja Boy is still wack.) Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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The Only Two Year-End Reviews That Matter

by matttbastard JJ Hippie drops the 2007 Wingnut Roundup, while the Buffalo Beast unloads its annual list of the 50 Most Loathsome People In America. Ahh, sooo much undiluted pith, snark and naked vitriol–am finally starting to get into the … Continue reading

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