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The Atomic Road To Damascus (With a Detour Through Goldsboro)

Hey, remember when the US almost detonated an atomic bomb (260 times more powerful than either Fat Man or Little Boy) over North Carolina? Good times: The document, obtained by the investigative journalist Eric Schlosser under the Freedom of Information … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann: “It May Be Time For Mr. Cheney to Leave This Country”

by matttbastard Shorter: FUCK yo couch, you lying sack of monkey shit. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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by matttbastard Never forget. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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by matttbastard Never forget. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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PSA: Canadian Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Events (Updated)

by matttbastard Via Canadian Peace Alliance: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Events Please join one of the 12 Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemorations this week. The full events listings are available at: BRANDON The First Annual Japanese Lantern Ceremony for World Peace Where: Keystone Centre … Continue reading

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PSA: Canadian Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day Events

by matttbastard Via Canadian Peace Alliance: There are 8 cities planning events for Hiroshima/Nagasaki Days this week. Please check the listings and join events calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons worldwide. Any new event postings can be sent to … Continue reading

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Pakistan Update: Of Gunfire, Grassy Knolls and Bumped Heads

by matttbastard The word of the day is ‘conspiracy’. As in ‘conspiracy theories‘. Consider the waters thoroughly muddied: An elusive Taliban leader with links to Al Qaeda is emerging as the key suspect in Thursday’s assassination of Benazir Bhutto, killed … Continue reading

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Slacker Friday: NIE Miscellania

by matttbastard It’s back and lazier than ever! Alas, this (long belated) edition will have to be the slackest motherfucker ever, since yours truly just got called into work early. Mea culpa–sometimes meatworld obligations have to trump blogging. (h/t Dave … Continue reading

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Quote Of The Day: Cautious Notes

by matttbastard On a theoretical level, one may be willing to minimize the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran due to Israel’s and America’s deterrent power, and willing to accept Iran’s regional influence under the protection of a nuclear umbrella. I … Continue reading

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PSA: Speak Out For Nuclear Disarmament

by matttbastard From Steven Staples @ November 22, 2007 Dear friend, Canada’s voting record at the UN on crucial anti-nuclear weapons resolutions indicates an alarming shift away from Canada’s traditional role as a supporter of disarmament. Yesterday, the Toronto … Continue reading

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