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How I Met Your Moammar

by matttbastard PhotoBlog: State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland called the photo book of Condoleezza Rice found in Gadhafi’s compound “bizarre” and “creepy” even though she hasn’t seen pictures of it. “I think I don’t need to see the photos, but … Continue reading

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The Doctrine in Action

by matttbastard Hooray for shock therapy in Afghanistan: Senior British, US and local aid workers have described a number of problems [with reconstruction in Afghanistan] including bribery, profiteering, poor planning and incompetence. The overall effect has been to cripple the … Continue reading

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When ‘Soft Power’ Isn’t So Soft

by matttbastard I hope you’ll excuse me if I refrain from opining at length or in explicit detail about this amusing little nugget currently smoldering in the slow holiday news cycle. Am loath to trigger the unwelcome attention of relentless … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: The Rhetoric of Confrontation and Confusion

by matttbastard There’s a moral problem with all the pro-Georgia cheerleading, which has gotten lost in the op-ed blasts against Putin’s neo-imperialism. A recurring phenomenon of the early Cold War was that America encouraged oppressed peoples to rise up and … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Imperial Nostalgia

by matttbastard …Even after the fiasco in Iraq, the bloody failure in Lebanon, the downward spiral in Afghanistan and, now, the futile posturing in Georgia, there’s absolutely no evidence the US foreign policy elite is inclined to moderate its ambition … Continue reading

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Conflict in the Caucasus: Four Perspectives

by matttbastard Greg Djerejian: What’s needed now, rather critically, is rather a large dose of humble pie by Mr. Saakashvili (let Solana visit him to hand-hold some, and perhaps then send our own Condi-the-Great too, as face-saver, if she’s not … Continue reading

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PSA: Re-instate Malalai Joya — May 21st Day of Action

by matttbastard Via The Canadian Peace Alliance: Reinstate Malalai Joya! On May 21 there will be an international day of action in support of suspended Afghan MP Malalai Joya. Joya was suspended for speaking out about the record of human … Continue reading

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Malalai Joya on Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

by matttbastard After six years in control, this government has proved itself to be as bad as the Taliban – in fact, it is little more than a photocopy of the Taliban. The situation in Afghanistan is getting progressively worse … Continue reading

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About Impotence

by matttbastard Caroline Wyatt, BBC News: Nato’s members know they cannot afford to fail now. All sides are aware that stabilising Afghanistan is the mission Nato has staked its reputation on.That means that the alliance will have to pull together … Continue reading

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Re: Detainee Transfers–What Impolitical Said.

by matttbastard Stop the detainee transfers. Now.  Compelling evidence that Canadian-transferred detainees are still being tortured in Afghan prisons emerged Monday from the government’s own follow-up inspection reports, documents it has long tried to keep secret. In one harrowing account, … Continue reading

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