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Ethics in Exile

Silly Prince George Citizen, holding a staff writer  to account for generously liberating other writers’ work: To our shock and dismay, multiple incidents of plagiarism were uncovered from work over the last number of months. The staff member plagiarized various … Continue reading

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Cosign With Jay Rosen

This: Editing by click rate is stupid and unethical. Chasing traffic is an abyss. The hamsterization of journalism is degrading the work environment for news professionals. Expecting reporters to report, write, blog, tweet, shoot video, sift the web, raise their metabolism, and … Continue reading

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Johann Hari Vs. Johann Hari On The Ethics Of Making Sh!t Up

by matttbastard Johann Hari, September 2011: “If I had asked the many experienced colleagues I have here at The Independent… they would have explained just how wrong I was. It was arrogant and stupid of me not to ask.” Indeed … Continue reading

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Like I.F. Stone, Only, um, Not.

by matttbastard If there’s one thing the corporate media marketplace needs, it’s more lazy, arm-chair psychoanalytic trolling masquerading as muckraking (snicker) via the conflict-starved (and unrelentingly trivial) beltway press corps, especially from our friends at the new Capitol Hill Blue, … Continue reading

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Dear Politico

Is it really a ‘slam’ if the new administration (new administration!) has simply offered an honest account of how the previous administration (previous administration!) conducted itself during Katrina? Ok, given your status as “ground zero for inside-the-beltway conventional wisdom,” as … Continue reading

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In the Kitchen with Ron and Co.

by matttbastard Shorter Associated Press: “‘The world’ = an Italian op-ed scribe, some guy in France, an Egyptian civil servant, and Hugo Chavez.” *blink* Y’know, one would think a purportedly reputable, mainstream news organization would tap into ye olde expense … Continue reading

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Mike Barnicle and Mika Brzezinski: Bloggers != Journalists!!!1one

by matttbastard Transcript: BARNICLE: [S]omeone ought to tell governor Palin that there’s a distinction between blogging and what she refers to as journalism. Blogging – MIKA: Is not journalism! BARNICLE: I would say 95%; maybe 99% of blogging is basically … Continue reading

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Rick Sanchez Pwns Joe the Plumber

by matttbastard Oooo–that’s gonna leave a mark. Transcript @ Crooks & Liars, h/t Chet Scoville. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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SIR – You Are a Privileged Wanker

by matttbastard One of the Economist’s byline-free journamalists has a bug up his or her ass over the concerns some uppity women and negros (remember: no intersection betwixt the two) have expressed about the gender and racial composition of President-elect … Continue reading

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Dear Associated Press

by matttbastard 1992 called–it wants its appalling lack of journalistic ethics and standards back. No, seriously–you keep making shit up, with no apparent interest in sifting through unfounded allegations and baseless conjecture to find a nugget of fact. Hint: continually … Continue reading

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