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Read This Now: “To be active is the difference between freedom and submission.”

by matttbastard Renee brings the awesome with this passionate, inspiring must-read post on patriarchy, culture, and ‘the cycle of victimology': While I am certainly not in the position to judge another on the coping mechanisms which they employ to survive … Continue reading

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New Challenges, New Opportunities

by matttbastard The most recent edition of openDemocracy’s 50/50 quarterly features an interview with Dr. Yakin Erturk, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, on how the global economic crisis is affecting women.  Dr. Erturk also notes the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Effing Century (Or, On the Original Stimulus Package)

by matttbastard I rather adore the willy. In fact, when these long, drawn-out discussions about sex happen on radical feminist sites, I sometimes find the urge to hop in, scream “I LIKE DICK!” and run away, giggling like a third-grader. … Continue reading

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Read This Now

by matttbastard Over at Global Comment, Sarah Jaffe, in a devastatingly on-target critique, utterly eviscerates yesterday’s head-pattingly patronizing L.A. Times article/future-bird-cage-liner (where the credentials of Dr. Jill Biden were examined [and dismissed] in a manner that was maddeningly glib, highly … Continue reading

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If Tennessee is the Buckle of the Bible Belt Then Utah is the Backside

by matttbastard Well, isn’t this lovely: The Utah House of Representatives will hear a controversial proposal that could hold physicians responsible for homicide if they perform abortions deemed illegal by the state. Under current state law, abortion is allowed only … Continue reading

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Federal Budget 2009: No Room For Women at the Table

by matttbastard Following several days of strategically-timed leaks to the press, the Stephen Harper Party has finally tabled its stimulus budget, which, according to the Canadian Press, “submerges Canada in a sea of red ink after more than a decade … Continue reading

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Lilly Ledbetter Act (Finally) Passes US Senate

by matttbastard Well it’s about damn time: The Senate approved landmark worker rights legislation on Thursday that will make it easier for those who think they’ve endured pay discrimination to seek legal help. The vote was 61-36. The House of … Continue reading

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Tina Fey and “Sister Souljah” Feminism

by Isabel “I love to play strippers and to imitate them… . I love using that idea for comedy, but the idea of actually going there? I feel like we all need to be better than that. That industry needs … Continue reading

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Stepping Away From the Dick-Snark

by matttbastard D-Day: There’s a top-rated diary on Daily Kos right now entitled Dennis Prager Endorses Marital Rape. Somebody explain to me how the CIA isn’t doing functionally the same thing. Also make sure to check out Echidne and my … Continue reading

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SIR – You Are a Privileged Wanker

by matttbastard One of the Economist’s byline-free journamalists has a bug up his or her ass over the concerns some uppity women and negros (remember: no intersection betwixt the two) have expressed about the gender and racial composition of President-elect … Continue reading

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