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Harnessed In Slums

Over 500 jhuggis (huts) destroyed in Vasant Kunj.

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#CancelColbert and ‘Radical Choices’ Re: Rhetoric

This: The #CancelColbert supporters have a very valid point in arguing that radical action and racial outrage should not require that people of colour temper our actions and reactions to appear more acceptable to the mainstream, particularly when this is … Continue reading

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Obligatory ZOMG CONCERNED!!1 #CancelColbert Post

Jamilah King breaks down #CancelColbert: What’s important to understand here is that Park’s aim wasn’t necessarily to get The Colbert Show kicked off the air. Instead, it was to, as point out that satire isn’t always the best activism. “Well-intentioned racial … Continue reading

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Freedom and Responsibility (Phil Robertson Edition)

Via Bob Mann: Gay people, more often than not, throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to religion. But we have a good reason. We’ve been scarred. Religion has damaged us. And I try to share … Continue reading

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Monday Metal: Satan – Life Sentence

Despite a precocious childhood obsession with all things heavy in the 80s, I somehow missed the original incarnation of NWOBHM OG’s Satan the first time ’round (though vaguely recall Pariah). Their ripping 2013 comeback LP Life Sentence (featuring the classic Court in the … Continue reading

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Cinerama – ‘I Wake Up Screaming’ (AUDIO)

Check out ‘I Wake Up Screaming’ by Cinerama, the first single in ten years (!) from David Gedge and co.:

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Fucking Up Young (Aging Hipster Rewind)

While your’s truly managed to make it out for The Dirty Nil at Fanshawe College last night (an effervescent performance, bee tee dubya), I neglected to take any pics. Which is a shame, considering all the half-ironic cock-rock posing that … Continue reading

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Around the Internets: Monday Jump-Off

Must-reading to keep you occupied while US legislators play Hot Potato with an extremely fragile global economy (because Teabaggers won’t be dissed by the Negro-in-Chief, natch): Plutocrats at Work: How Big Philanthropy Undermines Democracy (h/t Diane Ravitch) Warning bells: Is … Continue reading

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More Collateral Damage From USia’s Wars

Rest assured that the ongoing US government shutdown (or slimdown, if one prefers the wingnut parlance) won’t stop the prescription opiates overmedicated veterans are now hooked on post Iraq/Afghanistan from flowing like wine. PS – it’s not just opiates.

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