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Ezra Levant Is Ethically Outraged Over Jack Layton’s Final Farewell

by matttbastard In the midst of his double-fainting couch freakout over Jack Layton’s outrageously socialist state funeral, flesh & blood cartoon QMI columnist Ezra Levant claims the late NDP leader “clearly did not meet the standard of a state funeral” … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Jumping On Board The Google+ Bandwagon

by matttbastard Jillian C. York on why the current corporate backlash against online pseudonymity is misguided: There are myriad reasons why an individual may feel safer identifying under a name other than their birth name. Teenagers who identify as members … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Moammar

by matttbastard PhotoBlog: State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland called the photo book of Condoleezza Rice found in Gadhafi’s compound “bizarre” and “creepy” even though she hasn’t seen pictures of it. “I think I don’t need to see the photos, but … Continue reading

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Greatly Exaggerated Rumours, Jack Layton Edition

by matttbastard Michael Valpy addresses the current conventional wisdom that without Jack Layton, the NDP — and Canada’s left — is now doomed, doomed, DOOMED! Ahem. Sorry ’bout that. Now, where were we? Oh! Right. Valpy: When polls from the … Continue reading

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How Dare Jack Layton Make Canadians Feel Hopeful Again!

by matttbastard David J. Climenhaga, responding to National Post columnist Christie Blatchford’s now-infamous cranky, contrarian reaction to Canada’s outpouring of love and admiration for Socialist cur Taliban Jack Layton (HISSSSSSS!): [T]he offending column is far from the worst piece Blatchford has written, … Continue reading

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RIP Jack Layton: His Death Is Only The Beginning

by matttbastard In the end, we should have known it was fanciful, even selfish, to expect Jack Layton to make it back to Parliament in the Fall. The man who, weeks ago, stood before a stunned nation to announce he was … Continue reading

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“The Frankenstein monster you created/Has turned against you, now you’re hated.”

by matttbastard Mary Riddell: London’s riots are not the Tupperware troubles of Greece or Spain, where the middle classes lash out against their day of reckoning. They are the proof that a section of young Britain – the stabbers, shooters, … Continue reading

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Um, To Be Brainwashed, I Believe One First Has To Have A BRAIN.

by matttbastard If Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti wasn’t real, some enterprising young sketch comedian would have to invent him (and subsequently cash in on the character with a marginally enjoyable initial feature length smash, followed by a lackluster sequel): … Continue reading

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Facts vs. Narrative, Utoya Edition

by matttbastard Norwegian journalist Magnus Nome was in the good ol’ US of A when self-styled counterjihadist crusader  Anders Breivik decided to escalate his murderous fantasies about Eurabian conquest from Outer Wingnuttia into the real world.  Thankfully, CNN, Fox News … Continue reading

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Fun With Infographics (STILL Worst Preznit EVA)

by matttbastard Michael Tomasky: The Boston Globe ran a chart last Sunday that I’d buy billboard space to reproduce in every decent-size city in America, if I were running the Democratic National Committee. The premise of it was very simple: It … Continue reading

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