Kyle Payne: Douchebasket

by mattttbastard

Re: the unwelcome return of Kyle Payne, pseudofeminist sex predator (y’all remember Kyle Payne, right?  Mr. Sensitive Male Sex Predator? Yes, that Kyle Payne), what Ren said:

You need to stop talking about sexism, violence against women, and rape, because you, Kyle, are a sexual predator. You need to stop linking to any sort of feminist or rape survivor blog, because you are part of the very reason such things are even needed. You should still be in jail, and the fact that you gloss over all this and still write as if you are a good little feminist man with credibility and actual concern is a fucking affront not even I can leave unchallenged. I may not be a big fan of radical anti porn feminism, but you are a fucking slap in the face to everything they stand for and you do not deserve to be in such company or even associated in the most tangent of ways with those women. And I promise you this…anyone who ever Googles your name- well, I will make it my personal mission to see that they know what you have done and what you really are. The first amendment allows me to do exactly that. All the self aggrandizing bullshit in the world will never change your actions: actions that you and you alone are responsible for, and the fact that you pretend like none of it ever happened, show no real remorse or responsibility, and go on with your life and writing like you give a crap about women, rape and feminism is nauseating. Do you get it, Kyle? You are a sex offender, you have no place in rape crisis situations, feminism, or around women at all.

Also, what he said:

(Now, now–don’t get any funny ideas, Kyle.)

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13 Responses to Kyle Payne: Douchebasket

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  2. hysperia says:

    OMG. I can’t BELIEVE he’s back. What better proof that he hasn’t learned one damn thing.

  3. jermor says:

    The mind reels. What a dick.

  4. fidelbogen says:

    Kyle Payne is not atypical of what you’ll find in the pro-feminist men’s movement. Plenty of them are struggling with their Inner Kyle in one way or another.

  5. ctiger says:

    It does look as if the anti-feminist “men” really do feel threatened by strong women and those who support them.
    If you all weren’t so beyond reason, you would see how insane you really are.

  6. ctiger says:

    mattbastard, you seem to not know the difference between a sexual predator and a sex offender.
    It would make you more plausible if you were to do some research before voicing your sex offender myths. Right now you are just spreading hysteria.
    Rape Surviver

  7. father of a kyle payne says:

    please let everyone know what state this kyle payne is from my son is named kyle payne and he doesnt need his name asssociated with this freak my son is 18 and in high school. thanx

  8. funny thing says:

    The guy with the 18-year old son named Kyle Payne is probably trying to defend some guy that I thought this site was actually about. The 18-year old Kyle Payne is a predator too.

  9. ryan says:

    Kyle Payne is back in the news again. Lets make sure we write the judge and he gets hard jail time this time around!

  10. Kyle Payne says:

    Well, my name is Kyle Payne and I am 16. This was pretty messed up.

  11. Kyle Payne says:

    My name is Kyle Payne, I am 23. This was pretty messed up.

  12. Kenneth says: Hi guys this is his blog current as of March 2012.

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