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I write letters to the enemy

Dear Wingnuttia, Congratulations. With this latest five-alarm inferno of assembly-line red-baiting stupid you have finally roasted the shark that you gleefully keep jumping over and covered its charred remains in a burial shroud that maybe-kinda-sorta looks like scary Muslim head … Continue reading

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Brave New Films: Did McCain Coordinate Obama Attack with Swiftboaters?

by matttbastard Hmmm: Vets for Freedom is a swiftboating group attacking Barack Obama, and the McCain campaign is using the exact same attack. There are close ties between the two organizations: have they illegally coordinated their activities? How close are … Continue reading

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Number 21 With a Bullet

by matttbastard Nothing says teh funnah quite like a user-generated snuff film: In the video, a group of male co-workers bored at work begin to chant Boys v. Girls as a challenge. Thing is, there’s only one female in the … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera: The divisive road through Afghanistan

by matttbastard Related: more on the “lawless” Highway 1 from CJ Chivers. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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US Rejects Cluster Bomb Treaty

by matttbastard The BBC reports that over 100 nations have reached an agreement to ban the use of cluster bombs–with a notable abstention (yeah, I think you know what’s coming): [I]n a statement, the Pentagon stood firm, saying: “While the … Continue reading

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On Misogyny and the US MSM

by matttbastard [I]gnoring “the little things” in favor of “the big stuff” makes the big stuff that much harder to eradicate, because it is the pervasive, ubiquitous, inescapable little things that create the foundation of a sexist culture on which … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Nipple-Squick

by matttbastard I wonder if this brilliantly ridiculous idea was conceived in the zealously modest environs of Orlando… Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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Conversations with History: Andrew J. Bacevich

by matttbastard Historian Andrew J. Bacevich discusses the new American militarism. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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Out of Sight…

by matttbastard The NY Times: According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism’s News Coverage Index, coverage of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has slipped to 3 percent of all American print and broadcast news as of last week, … Continue reading

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“[C]hoosing a name that accurately represents who we are”

by matttbastard Monica Roberts on transitioning, ethnicity and why names hold so much importance: African-American mothers, as descendants of Africans, realize that there’s great importance to the name you choose for your child. It says a lot about the individual, … Continue reading

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