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System System System

by matttbastard Before being given an up-close and personal introduction to the undercarriage of the Obama campaign bus, the ScaryAngry(Insubordinate)Pariah preached some serious gospel this past Thursday: [Obama's] a politician, I’m a pastor. We speak to two different audiences. And … Continue reading

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The Rules: Coda

by matttbastard Well, we all knew this was coming the moment Rev. Wright dropped the state terrorism bomb and dared to say something positive about Farrakhan [insert sputtering, self-righteous indignation here]. Ben Smith: In Winston-Salem, Obama sharply attacks Reverend Jeremiah … Continue reading

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Guilt Has Nothing To Do With It

by matttbastard Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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Question time

by  boomgate I’ve been wondering, for those that write on this blog type thingy, when you write do you write for an audience or write for yourself? Does the fact that other people might read what you are writing effect … Continue reading

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All I Really Needed to Know I Learned From Conservative Private Members Bills

by matttbastard Via Fern Hill, JJ points out the following little educational tidbit contained in Bill C-537, the latest piece of stealth anti-choice legislation to be privately introduced by yet another one of those fetus-fetishizing MPs lurking in the Conservative … Continue reading

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Popcorn Sunday: No End In Sight

by matttbastard Chronological look at the fiasco in Iraq, especially decisions made in the spring of 2003 – and the backgrounds of those making decisions – immediately following the overthrow of Saddam: no occupation plan, an inadequate team to run … Continue reading

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Now That’s a Good Idea (She Said, She Said)

by matttbastard The magnificent Littlem, bumped from comments: For those who have proven themselves allies by support of their convictions by their actions and words, please permit me to offer my respect and gratitude. Some suggestions: If you have friends … Continue reading

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Sean Bell

by sassywho From Vivir Latino: About an hour ago, the three New York City Police officers charged with an array of charges for the November 25th, 2006 shooting death of 23 year old groom Sean Bell, were cleared of all … Continue reading

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Amanda Marcotte and Seal Press Respond

by matttbastard From Amanda Marcotte: I’m sorry. Plain and simple. I didn’t pick the offensive imagery in my book, but I should have caught it sooner than now. I didn’t and there’s no excuse. It was my first book, I … Continue reading

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How to Write for Slate Magazine

by matttbastard Shorter Chris Wilson:  “Hey, ma, lookit me — I’m contrarian!” Jesus jumping on a rusty pogo-stick — I really, really hope this is simply bad satire. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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