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Lou Dobbs: Pure Class

by matttbastard Apparently at least one American has difficulty participating in the National Conversation About Race without resorting to racial slurs.  Quelle surprise. h/t Melissa Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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Quote of the Day: Undeniable Logic

by matttbastard You know, I actually get the perplexity about why those of us defending [Senator Clinton's] right to keep campaigning don’t concede that it’s “obvious” she can’t win and should drop out, and about why we don’t see the … Continue reading

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Popcorn Sunday: The Fog of War

by matttbastard This is an amazing film that opens the door into what was really going on when the Kennedy Administration handled the Cuban Missile Crisis… as well as how Vietnam policy dramatically changed once Kennedy was no longer in … Continue reading

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A Superficial Antidote to Maxim’s Mindless Misogyny

by matttbastard Perhaps it won’t heal SJP’s pain, but The Boston Phoenix’s annual 100 Most Unsexiest Men of the Year list does offer some choice smackdowns on a number of decidedly ineligible dickheads (most of whom have likely read Maxim … Continue reading

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PSA: CanWest SLAPPs Free Speech

by matttbastard Via Canadian Dimension Blog: SERIOUSLY FREE SPEECH COMMITTEE. Don’t Let Canwest SLAPP* Briemberg and YOU ! Imagine you go to a public meeting on the Middle East; you see a humorous parody of the local daily, pick up … Continue reading

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Re: the Rise of the Right (Major League Asshole Edition)

by matttbastard Dubya and Deadeye’s favourite political correspondent, Adam Clymer, talks about his new book, Drawing the Line at the Big Ditch: The Panama Canal Treaties and the Rise of the Right. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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Say It Ain’t So

by matttbastard Why, Mike, Why? Seriously, over the past several weeks I could feel the Gravelmentum building up within the ranks of the Democratic grass roots. If only he’d waited till the convention. The superdelegates may have come to their … Continue reading

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The Southern Surge

by matttbastard This is interesting: According to senior sources, the offensive [in Basra] was launched three months before [Lieutenant-General Mohan al-Furayji, the Iraqi commander leading the battle against the Mehdi Army of Muqtada al-Sadr] had wanted it to, and despite … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Paradise Lost

by matttbastard There’s an old saying. You can never go home again. In a sense, I have always beleived it to mean that “home” will never be the same as you remember it. Home is the time in which you … Continue reading

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Lakoff: “This authoritarian model of the family is a disaster”.

by matttbastard Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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