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“It’s old people fncking with the Canadian film industry.”

by matttbastard Which is more “nanny-state”: a strong social safety net, or a government that lets fundies decide what art is and isn’t worthy of public funding? A well-known evangelical crusader is claiming credit for the federal government’s move to … Continue reading

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Om nom nom

by boomgate Last year I decided to go on a voyage. A voyage of discovery and inner harmony. Of love and worship. And eating. For Easter last year I received a large box of Koko Black chocolates. Koko Black is … Continue reading

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Rick Mercer is Jesus

by matttbastard “The Liberals–we’re adaptable!” Fucking priceless. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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“It is an American name.”

by matttbastard Speaking of non-issues inflated out of proportion, Juan Cole brilliantly vivisects anti-Semitic (yeah, I said it) right-wing squick re: Barack Obama’s scary “Muslim” middle name: I want to say something about Barack Hussein Obama’s name. It is a … Continue reading

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Wanker of the Day (or, “Gee, Atrios has some real good ideas sometimes, eh?”)

by matttbastard Tim “When did you stop beating off Louis Farrakhan?” Russert: Steve M. believes that non-issues inflated out of proportion by MSM blowhards (and supposedly insurgent bloggers) are pretty much all we can expect from here on in: Get … Continue reading

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Alan Wolfe: The Transformation of American Religion

by matttbastard Alan Wolfe on how “that old time religion” has changed in America over the past five decades. Recommend this post at Progressive Bloggers

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Wanker(s) of the Day (One Body. One person. One count.)

by matttbastard The Braintrust @ the Ottawa Citizen (h/t Fern Hill @ BnR). Miss Vicky nails it in a diplomatic, sympathetic-yet-uncompromising fashion: My heart breaks for families of murdered pregnant women – people like Mary Talbot, who wrote a piece … Continue reading

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And the F-Word Goes To…

by matttbastard …someone else. Always a bridesmaid, etc. *sob* Anyway, congrats to all the winners, and many thanks to pale and Prole for putting so much time and effort into throwing this grand soiree. You goils kick ass. UPDATE: And … Continue reading

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Better Living Through Chemistry

by matttbastard Via Dana @ The Beav (who wishes our so-called liberal media would also have the courage to highlight the ugly truth re: what Canadian soldiers are facing in Afghanistan), Elizabeth Rubin in today’s New York Times Magazine: One … Continue reading

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PSA: John McCain’s Lobbyist Friends

by matttbastard John McCain has 59 lobbyists raising money for his campaign, and yet he said “I’m the only one the special interests don’t give any money to.” Sign the petition demanding McCain return the millions of dollars raised by … Continue reading

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