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Bogus Solidarity (FINAL UPDATE – I’VE HAD IT)

by matttbastard The inimitable Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings has been guest-blogging over at Andrew Sullivan’s place all week (congrats on the nuptials, Sully!) and has, IMO, been doing a bang up job. Big surprise, considering she’s one of the best … Continue reading

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Alvaro Orozco Update: Pre-Removal Risk Assessment Results

by matttbastard “It’s not so easy when you don’t know what can happen… . Some days it’s scary, some days I’m hoping. I’m still waiting for any good news.” From Alvaro’s website: Wednesday August 29, 2007 The Latest Pre-Removal Risk … Continue reading

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Funny Business.

by Isabel Knoxville has an interesting way of dealing with KKK rallies. Saturday May 26th the VNN Vanguard Nazi/KKK group attempted to host a hate rally to try to take advantage of the brutal murder of a white couple for … Continue reading

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Can We Cut the ‘Honourable’ Bullsh*t Now?

by matttbastard  Judging by Gen. Petraeus latest ‘teh surge is too working’ interview, I don’t think the White House is going to be editing the Petraeus report that heavily.  Not that this should come as a surprise. Recommend this post to Progressive Bloggers

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Insider Baseball

by matttbastard Apparently this is supposed to be a really big deal or something. Never did get the thrill of ‘outing’ online. Since, having never met him in the flesh, ‘Red Tory’ is essentially a series of glorified ones and … Continue reading

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“Start Angry, End Mad”

by matttbastard There isn’t a brazen, two-bit, purse-snatching money caper you can think of that didn’t happen at least 10,000 times with your tax dollars in Iraq. Was all prepared to highlight Matt Taibbi’s bile-inducing round-up of perpetual corporate malfeasance … Continue reading

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At Least He Didn’t Make the Introduction in a Wet Suit

by matttbastard Sure, they’re dancing to the beat of a different drummer (and the tune is apropos), but dude, come on – WTH does a world music dance party have to do with energy policy? Oh, and somebody should tell … Continue reading

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Cooking the Books

by matttbastard So how long before the GAO joins the CIA as a fixture in the rightie pantheon of bureaucratic liberal conspiracies? This is likely why the White House is handling the scripting for the Petraeus report: The person who … Continue reading

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Carlson Doth Protest WAY Too Much

by matttbastard Yep – nothing says ‘teh funny’ (and ‘teh masculine’) like bashing a fag’s skull against a bathroom stall. Alright, we get the point Tucker. You’re so not gay; you’re apparently an unindicted (and unrepentant) violent hate criminal. (Also, … Continue reading

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Smoking Guns & Mushroom Clouds, Take Two

by matttbastard Here we go again: US President George W. Bush branded the Islamic Republic “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism,” citing its backing of Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Shiite fighters killing US troops in Iraq. “And … Continue reading

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