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Taking it Back

by matttbastard A good friend of mine is a diehard Kevin Smith acolyte. Doesn’t get why nonchalantly riffing on ‘porch monkey’ and ‘takin’ it back’ is irresponsible and, yes, offensive. Also believes it’s ok to say ‘yo, wut up my … Continue reading

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by Isabel LaCoeur Dragonette killed it in Toronto last night. So. Good.

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Late Night Logic: Dance Off With Your Pants Off YouTube Round-Up

by matttbastard I suppose this post would have been a lot more appropriate on a Friday or Saturday evening. Regardless, for those of you who feel like wiggling some bum before bedtime, here are 8 funky choons to make said … Continue reading

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A Brief Respite

by matttbastard For what will likely prove to be an all too fleeting moment they are united as one. Congratulations to all Iraqis. Reuters has more on the celebrations in Iraq; Duncan Irving provides play by play of the match … Continue reading

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“Do You Know Osama Bin Laden?”

by matttbastard TSA ‘dry run’ terror leak turns out to not only be cheesy, but also completely full of holes.

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On ‘Partisan’

by matttbastard <Inigo Montoya>You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.</Inigo Montoya> Update: Add ‘moderate‘ to the ‘inconceivable!!!1 [sic]‘ queue. More from Jim Henley, Sadly, No! and Digby.

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“Clearly this is not a principle of his. This is business.”

by matttbastard Michael Crowley on Dick Gephardt, Turkey, and the convergence of K-Street lobby groups and Armenian genocide denialists. Related: Ken Silverstein on “DC’s lobbyists for hire”.

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Glasgow Update: Whoops – Our Bad.

by matttbastard Nick Bryant of BBC News details what led to the collapse of the (flimsy) terror case against Dr Mohammed Haneef. If this shameful debacle doesn’t provide Australian voters with ample justification to (finally) give Bush-licking fear monger John … Continue reading

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Hump Day Music Spotlight: “I Can’t Dance a Single Step” Edition

by matttbastard Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing! (Arts & Crafts) Am immensely envious of Isabel, who gets to see the ’2nd most punk rock band in Britain’ live in Toronto this upcoming Tuesday. For free. Whereas I get to … Continue reading

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Best best best!

by Isabel LaCoeur A few highlights from Reason’s hilariously fantastic recap of the CNN/youtube debate: 7:16: The ghost of Wesley Willis tosses out a reparations question! Terrific. “I know you’re all going to dance around,” he says, and John Edwards … Continue reading

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