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Beyond Borders

by matttbastard Big time tip o’ the pork pie hat to the incomparable belledame222 for inspiring this round up of global feminism(s) on teh YouTubes: March 2007 Australian TV interview with embattled Afghan parliamentarian Malalai Joya.

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Hump Day Music Spotlight: Speaking Ill of the Dead

by matttbastard Heatmiser – Why Did I Decide To Stay? Call me a heretic, but I’ve always preferred Heatmiser to the late Elliott Smith’s solo work. Smith’s backbiting, diva-like protestations (‘wah, wah, tehy made my pristine songs teh r0x0r against … Continue reading

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“She Wasn’t Yet Dead!”

by matttbastard Author Elizabeth Hand talks about her new novel, Generation Loss. Via Locus Online.

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by matttbastard Just don’t much feel like posting about anything atm, substantial or otherwise. That said, new material (both substantial and slight) is forthcoming, I promise. Till then, enjoy some live Robyn Hitchcock – and keep watching this space.

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Hump Day Music Spotlight: Geographic Attrition

by matttbastard Battles – Atlas (Warp Records) Bonus: Battles Live @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago 03/30/07

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The Latest Last Chance

by matttbastard Carefully avoiding any treasonous aiding and comforting declarations re: the war being lost, Republican House Leader John Boehner gives Bush’s ‘surge’ another Friedman to succeed (or *gasp* fail): The leader of House Republicans said today that his members … Continue reading

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Sometimes a Headline Says it All

by matttbastard Memorial honoring fallen soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan runs out of room. Heck of a job, Commander Guy: Since the beginning this whole ill-fated folly has been predicated on empty rhetoric and false patriotism. [emphasis added] No doubt the … Continue reading

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by matttbastard Canadian Supreme Court Justice Bertha Wilson: 1923-2007

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“You failed, go home.”

by matttbastard Et tu, Israeli public?

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‘Decider’ Is, Like, SO 2006

by matttbastard Sigh.

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