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“A serious failure in exercising judgment”

by matttbastard An interim version of the Winograd report looking into Israel’s 2006 war with Lebanon was released on Monday. As many expected, the partial report doesn’t mince words in criticizing Israeli PM Ehud Olmert: The prime minister, the report … Continue reading

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“Stuck in the middle of nowhere”

by matttbastard More on Iraq’s refugee crisis from Anna Husarska and David Case.

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Sunday Hangover Blogging: Too Sketched For Substance Edition

by matttbastard Following a deadly month of violence in which at least 1000 civilians were killed in fighting, Andrew McGregor examines the various factions fueling the insurgency in Somalia. A must see episode of The Agenda: first, an interview with … Continue reading

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Willful Indifference (UPDATED 04.30)

by matttbastard So when is an act of (attempted) terrorism on US soil not nationwide front page news? When the perpetrator (and target) doesn’t fit the accepted narrative: A 27-year-old man has been arrested and taken into federal custody in … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Buying and Selling

by matttbastard Glenn Greenwald: The fraud that was manufactured by our government officials and endorsed by our media establishment is one of the great political crimes of the last many decades. Yet those who are responsible for it have not … Continue reading

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by matttbastard Good news: Mexico City’s legislative assembly has voted to legalise abortion in the city, the capital of the world’s second-largest Roman Catholic country. Lawmakers voted 46 to 19 in favour of the bill that will permit abortions of … Continue reading

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File Under: IOKIYAR

by matttbastard Fact: Chuck Norris wouldn’t recognize his own hypocrisy if it jumped up and sidekicked him in the stomach.

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Hot Rod Lincolns Have a Heavy Carbon Footprint

by matttbastard Commander Cody?! Get a haircut, hippy! It’s all about Roky Erickson, who will be rockin’ Coachella this upcoming weekend [edit: not that I'll be there to enjoy the devilish festivities. Le sigh.]

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Bearish Opportunism

by matttbastard A toast to former Russian president Boris Yeltsin, who passed on earlier today. Can’t count myself as an admirer, alas; ‘Chechnya‘ was the word I most associated with ‘Yeltsin’ for quite some time. (At least 35,000 civilians killed … Continue reading

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If Only Someone Had Told Him He Looked Pretty

by matttbastard No surprise here – Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich both blame teh evul lib’ruls for the VA Tech massacre. Small wonder, since both right-wing icons have made respectable careers out of reflexively blaming liberals for pretty much everything … Continue reading

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