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Slouching Towards the Inevitable

Bolstered by the results of this past Monday’s election in Quebec (in which the PQ fell to third place and the conservative pro-‘autonomy’ ADQ went from 5 to 41 seats to become the official opposition), a weakened Bloc Quebecois forced … Continue reading

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This Space (Is Not) For Rent

Fret not – regular bastardly content will be returning soon. Keep the faith, true believers. EXCELSIOR!

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The Language of Fear

by matttbastard “Ahistorical – you think this shit just dropped right out of the sky My analysis: it’s time to harvest the crust from your eyes To surge and refine, to rage and define ourselves against your line So sorry … Continue reading

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Taiwanese Nazis… words fail. via Battlepanda.

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Well, that just about wraps things up…

by matttbastard This just in: 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (who was never, ever tortured by US officials) freely admits he was the second gunmen on the grassy knoll and the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. More from Shakespeare’s Sister, … Continue reading

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Late Night Logic: Connect the Dots

by matttbastard Of death squads, diplomacy, and bondage gear: Jon Schwarz on the real Salvador Option. Hypocrisy knows no borders, according to Ignacio Ramonet. The (still unrealized) right to walk outside unmolested: how Japanese ‘pervert trains‘ and all-American drive-by kissy … Continue reading

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The ‘Surge': Three perspectives

by matttbastard Leading journalists have been reporting for some time that the war was hopeless, a fiasco that could not be salvaged by more troops and a new counterinsurgency strategy. The conventional wisdom in December held that sending more troops … Continue reading

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Playing Hooky

by matttbastard Via Cernig, this AP wire report doesn’t bolster one’s confidence in the stability of Iraq’s political foundation:* Iraq’s parliament failed to reconvene as scheduled Tuesday because so few members showed up after the month’s recess. Only about a … Continue reading

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Late Night Logic: Dualism, Contradiction, Torments of Hesitation

by matttbastard blog!blog!blog! edition Post-Cold War Ur-Fascism? Larisa Alexdandrovna examines the burgeoning extreme far right in Russia (and the US). At least she didn’t say the other ‘F’ word: Glenn Greenwald incisively highlights the gross hypocrisy of professional media handwringers … Continue reading

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“A good lookin’ fella”

by matttbastard Max Blumenthal of The Nation goes deep into the belly of the beastly US right-wing, crashing the 2007 CPAC conference.

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