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Don’t Blame Marty – Blame the ‘Retarded Technologies’

by matttbastard Now that The New Republic has been purchased by the crazy Canooks at CanWest, it’s all socialism and ‘legalize it’ from now on at the liberal interventionist Beltway institution, right? Bespectacled soccer-loving editor Franklin Foer for one appears … Continue reading

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“To the man I once loved”

by matttbastard Former Mugabe confidante Wilf Mbanga sends a bitter, mournful birthday greeting from exile:       Do you remember when you visited me in my humble home at Beatrice Cottages? We listened to Jim Reeves and Elvis and … Continue reading

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On Qualifications

by matttbastard Tony Blair then: Tony Blair now: Tony Blair is expected to announce a timetable for the withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq. The prime minister is due to make an announcement in the House of Commons on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Late Night Logic: Poking the Bear

by matttbastard Inspired (in a somewhat sideways manner) by this this ObWi post on revisionist cold war history. The beginning of a new arms race? Spiegel International examines the increasingly chilly diplomatic relationship between Russia and the US. related: Moscow … Continue reading

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The Best Defence…

by matttbastard Ralph Goodale asks Prime Minister Stephen Harper for an apology after the former Liberal finance minister is exonerated by an RCMP investigation into the leak of income trust policy prior to implementation in November 2005. Harper’s response: “No, … Continue reading

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From the ‘Unfortunate Analogy’ Files

by matttbastard (via Memeorandum) Weekly Standard editor William Kristol lays the foundation for the ultimate ‘When did you stop beating your wife’ question; good thing Obama has already reportedly given the cold shoulder to Fox News. More on Obama and … Continue reading

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Dancing With the Devil in the Pale Monitor Light

by matttbastard OMFGWTF?!1 Google supplants teh J00s!11 Wrap your hard drive in tinfoil, kiddies – there’s a new ‘New York banker’ in town (and he’s based out of Silicon Valley).

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Late Night Logic: The Dreams Our Stuff is Made Of*

by matttbastard Because I’m too lazy to come up with original work: Jon Schwarz uncovers a nefarious plot at the Gray Lady involving so-called ‘reporter’ Michael Gordon (who, along with Judith Miller, helped propagate the myth of Iraqi WMDs leading … Continue reading

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The Clock Stops at Midnight

by matttbastard Newsflash: The creative team behind hit TV series 24 are sadistic pigfuckers who hobnob with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. And, as intimated by the chronically incoherent Laura Ingraham, American viewers eat up the pornographic … Continue reading

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Sins of Omission

by matttbastard Mark C. of Daimnation! gleefully points to this story, published in today’s print edition of the Globe and Mail, which details the plagiarism charges being levelled at Canadian journalist and best-selling author Paul William Roberts. Roberts admitted to … Continue reading

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