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Pigs in Zen

by matttbastard Amanda Marcotte signs on as blogmistress for the Edwards campaign; G*ldst*in and co. blow a wad. Guess how long it takes before the sexism and latent misogyny kicks in? (‘Edwards’ blog bitch’ is my favourite slur thus far.) … Continue reading

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Get Out. Now.

by matttbastard Via Diane Dees: So this is what US military advisors are teaching Iraqi soldiers: The definitive ‘Rodney King’ incident of the Iraq War or just another unfortunate footnote of depravity, doomed to languish in the memory hole alongside … Continue reading

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Colbert vs O’Reilly.

by Isabel LaCoeur I think you can guess whose side I’m on. Stephen Colbert on The O’Reilly Factor. Bill O’Reilly on The Colbert Report. The best part is that O’Reilly’s audience laughs at Colbert’s jokes. Stephen … call me.

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by matttbastard More details here

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by boomgate Johnny Cash won’t return my calls.

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Sunday Whiny Wanker Roundup

by matttbastard So much Serious™ stupidity this weekend: via ConnecticutBLOG: Joe Lieberman gets his ass handed to him on a plate by Chuck Hagel: Dipshit liberal hawk Jon Chait (who, not that long ago, earnestly mused about reinstalling Saddam Hussein … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

by matttbastard (from The Torture Question) 5 years of “beautiful, sunny” Guantanamo; no end in sight. God help (damn?) us all. More from Democracy Now! and Human Rights Watch.

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Repealing Godwin

by matttbastard via Digby: Jon Schwarz deconstructs the darkly tragi-comic saga of Jamail Hussein. related: Glenn Greenwald takes on the continued lack of accountablity from pro-Iraq-War pundits.

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And this is news because…?

by matttbastard AP reports that wingnutty Evangelical blow-hard Pat Robertson has a direct hotline to Jeebus – and Jeebus isn’t happy with America (surprise surprise): In what has become an annual tradition of prognostications, religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicted Tuesday … Continue reading

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