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Well, paint me crimson and call me ‘Joseph’

by matttbastard Shorter Gateway Pundit: “The evil mass-murdering Saddam Hussein was hung today and the American left mourns… Their America-hating sickness has never been more glaring.“* Wait – that’s a direct quote. Larisa Alexandrovna with the smackdown (via Crooks & … Continue reading

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by matttbastard Quelle surprise! Nothing much changes in Iraq after Saddam’s hanging: Bombings killed at least 68 people in Iraq on Saturday, including one planted on a minibus that exploded in a fish market in a mostly Shiite town south … Continue reading

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Last Rites

CNN says two Arab TV networks report that Saddam Hussein was executed 10 minutes ago. Updates pending. Update: More from AP CNN says one of Saddam’s lawyers has confirmed the execution of Saddam Hussein at 6am local time. State run … Continue reading

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Christmas boozing

by boomgate Thank God it’s fucking over.

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by Isabel LaCoeur Hurricane Katrina Waste, Fraud Could Top $2 Billion in 2007. Federal investigators have already determined the Bush administration squandered $1 billion on fraudulent disaster aid to individuals after the 2005 storm. Now they are shifting their attention … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from the Vatican

“Closer, my child, closer.  Bring me the chalice of virgin’s blood.  I won’t hurt you…much.”

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thetruth is outta style.

Trolls who sing senseless gibberish are much more entertaining than those who fart it out in comment threads.

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Starting the weekend early…

by matttbastard  Crass – Christ The Movie pt 1  pt 2    pt 3

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Merry Christmas, TIO crew

by matttbastard  DaveC is one funny motherfucker. Oh, and my monster truck can so still crush his. WHATCHAGONNADO?!

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 by matttbastard  A sincere apology to all three of our loyal readers for the lack of new content.  The hectic holiday season has made posting a lesser priority than, er, survival (I’m seriously contemplating converting to Judaism).  Rest assured the … Continue reading

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