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Tories to Canadian women: “Bitchez ain’t shit but hoes ‘n tricks”

by matttbastard Via Mister Sinister: Our no-longer-progressive Conservative government took advantage of diverted media attention late Wednesday night to announce the imminent closure of 12 local Status of Women Canada branches. The move follows a 40% cut of SWC’s administrative … Continue reading

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The Sixth Degree

by matttbastard Cernig thinks the conventional wisdom regarding several recent Iraq-related media leaks is off-base: On Monday, one or more “senior intelligence officials”, speaking “on condition of anonymity” leaked secret information to the nation’s two major newspapers. The Bush administration, … Continue reading

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OSC ODs on Red vs. Blue

by matttbastard Nice to know Orson Scott Card is still certifiable (and Glenn Reynolds is still a shameless hypocrite).

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The only thing worse than an Islamist is an Atheist from Brussels

by matttbastard Flipping the bird to Mark Steyn and the ‘Eurabia’ theory, marginally insane uber-hawk Ralph Peters decides hatin’ on Euro-weenie welfare statists trumps trendy Islamophobia: Don’t let Europe’s current round of playing pacifist dress-up fool you: This is the … Continue reading

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“What are we going to do? We can’t stop this. It’s too hot right now.”

by matttbastard From Iraqi message boards (courtesy Healing Iraq): A Mujahid for Allah – Baghdad of Al-Rashid: In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. They want it a war, so be it. We are up to … Continue reading

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Ackerman: “Look to this as the start of the end of Maliki’s tenure as PM.”

by matttbastard With violence on a dangerous upward curve since Thursday’s deadly coordinated bombing attack in Sadr City, Shiite lawmakers aligned with Moqtada al-Sadr are threatening to walk out of parliament if Iraq PM Nouri al-Maliki meets with Bush next … Continue reading

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Splitting binary

by matttbastard Ali Eteraz puts it better than I could: “I was against the war when launched. I didn’t think there was any evidence of a WMD. When the argument changed into “giving them democracy” I was still against the … Continue reading

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Best. Sekrit. EVAR.

by matttbastard Via Jon Schwarz: I’m sure there are many unrevealed details about the build up to the Iraq War. This was news to me: “A SENIOR diplomat tipped off wheat exporter AWB a year before the Iraq war that … Continue reading

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The Afterbirth of Freedom

by matttbastard At what point do ‘birth pangs’ get diagnosed as a miscarriage? AP notes the latest record-breaking example of creative destruction in Iraq: “In the deadliest attack since the beginning of the Iraq war, suspected Sunni-Arab militants used three … Continue reading

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